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WELCOME TO Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno Klinikos

About us

The Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS) Kauno klinikos is the largest health care institution in Lithuania. Established in 1940, the Hospital has grown into one of the most prominent hospitals in the country. Hospital of LUHS Kauno klinikos is dedicated to providing the highest quality health care to patients from all over the country and abroad.

The Hospital of LUHS Kauno klinikos employs more than 1200 physicians and 2500 nurses, who provide care according to the standards of evidence-based clinical practice. The hospital has 35 departments devoted to all medical and surgical specialties, including cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery and organ transplant surgery. Services available at Hospital of LUHS Kauno klinikos include: Outpatient/Same-day Surgery, Inpatient Elective and Emergency Surgery, 24/7 Emergency Care, Intensive Coronary Care, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory Services, Innovative Cancer Therapy, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Health Screening Opportunities. In 2013, the annual number of outpatient consultations increased significantly, exceeding 1.1 million visits and 95 thousand hospital admissions.

All clinical departments act as teaching and research units and are promoting implementation of good clinical practice and innovative medicine. The Hospital of LUHS Kauno klinikos is the clinical training facility for the future doctors at all levels of medical and nursing studies, including Master and Doctor Degrees. We are proud that a number of worldwide known and renowned specialists are working in the Hospital of LUHS. They are actively involved in the clinical practice, teaching and research. The Hospital of LUHS Kauno klinikos also actively participates in the process of strategic development of health care system, and implementation of progressive projects in the field medicine. Further growth is foreseen by developing and expanding health care services, introducing new technologies, pursuing rapid integration of information technologies into the activity of the Hospital.